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Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision
Publisher: Wiley
Authors: J. R. Parker
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Eugenio Simao

Um otimo livro. Atende as expectativas teoricas e de implementacao. Os exemplos encontram-se um linguagem C. A biblioteca de algoritmos idealizada preve a utilizacao do compilador C GNU. Mas, com poucas modificacoes pode-se utilizar estes algoritmos para outros compiladores. Recomendo este livro para estudantes de graduacao como acompanhamento de disciplinas de processamento de imagens, os quais, como eu, geralmente anseiam por ver realizadas as explanacoes teoricas.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Python in a Nutshell
Publisher: O'Reilly
Authors: Alex Martelli
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
Nutshell v. Online Docs

This is a great book, without question. The question is whether it is worth the price, given the free online HTML reference documentation.
Pros:+ Very nice typesetting. (Python Essential Reference is a bit small for eyes.)+ Very good index; somewhat better than the online index.+ Good explanations.+ Some examples.+ Much more advice than the online docs.+ Most errata were corrected in the [09/03] printing. (I just received a [12/03] printing.)
Cons:- Does not cover some of the most useful (new) modules: timeit, logging, zipimport, itertools, sets, sum, heapq.- In particular, I would love to have ADVICE on how to use logging effectively.- DOES cover the dead (insecure) modules rexec and Bastion.
So take your own decision. Personally, I would say it's not essential, but still worth the price. I go back and forth between the online index and this book.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Learning Perl, Third Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
Authors: Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Great style, examples and information

This book is great. It's a very readable and informative book. The chapters are set up semi-tutorial with exercises at the end that test your knowledge. I was able to create several cgi programs after only reading the first chapter. It's also full of tips that urge you to further delve into the cool world of perl.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: AutoCAD 2004 for Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Authors: Mark Middlebrook
Rating: 2/5
Customer opinion - 2 stars out of 5
AutoCad 2004

If you know something about Autocad save your money, this book is not for you. I bought this book because of the major changes from R3.3 to 2004. Hoping it would cover the new ways to Xref, plot, and so on. It does not, the book gives the broadest overview on these subjects if they get covered at all. To sum it up if you've never used AutoCad before then the book might be worthwhile to you. If you have any previous knowledge of Cad this book will not help much.